About Steve Westin,  Calcium Commander ®

  Steve Westin was born in San Diego, California on March 18, 1944. At age 4 he moved with his grandparents to Freeport, Minnesota where he resided until age 14.  Freeport is a rural farming community and this is where Steve began his love for the soil and all things connected to the Earth. One of his favorite pastimes was walking through the fields in the spring collecting rocks and keeping the interesting ones to add to his collection. During his stay in Freeport Steve was introduced to the fascinating world of astronomy. His neighbor owned a telescope and loved sharing the mysteries of the universe with everyone.

Steve's grade school training was at Sacred Heart and thanks to the Benedictine Nuns and under the guidance of a kind Benedictine Priest, Father Lionus, he learned the value of living a moral and ethical life and those same values have directed him throughout his life.

At age 14 Steve moved back to San Diego with his parents and attended University High and Grossmont High School.  Coming from a school with less 100 children in the entire school to high schools with 1000's in each grade was definitely a shock. Thanks to his upbringing Steve was able to remain focused on his academics and embraced the different cultures. After high school Steve moved to Berkeley and worked with his father on moving vans learning 3D packing and loading. This is where he realized his ability to master space and seen it as a challenge and a mathematical puzzle.

 Steve joined the Army and was trained in Helicopter Mechanics. He obtained the rank of SP5 and also served as a Flight Operations Specialist. While in Vietnam Steve visited the Buddhist monastery often, he was curious and wanted to learn more about the culture. While talking with the Buddhist Monks he asked if he could study under them, they told him to go out and “study his way first”.

Returning from Vietnam, Steve was stationed in Oklahoma in the Legal Department, JAG. One of his duties included serving papers to prisoners. On one of those occasions, a prisoner handed Steve a book by P. D. Ouspensky, “The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution”, which eventually led him the discovery and studies of the Fourth Way developed by G. I. Gurdjieff.

 Steve used the G. I. Bill to continue his education at San Diego State University where he majored in Geology.  His degree in Geology secured him a position with Megcobar a division for Dresser Industries. He received cutting-edge training in their Petro Division which earned him a certificate and title of “Mud Engineer”. Working on the first Geothermal and High Pressure wells in El Centro and Geyser areas he helped develop the method used for drilling these types of wells. After several years in the “field” Steve reached a pivotal juncture; he was very ill and the doctors had no real answers on what could be done to help him. It was at this time Steve took control of his life.

 He met an elderly woman at a health food that changed his life!  She introduced him to the teachings of Dr. Carey Reams. Steve continued working and attended many classes Dr. Reams presented in the 70's and until Dr. Reams death. Steve is convinced that learning and living “Reams Biological Theory of Ionization” transformed not only his health, but his entire life.  Dr. Reams had inspired Steve not only to change his lifestyle but to share his knowledge of RBTI as taught to him by Dr. Reams.

 Steve had been introduced to many other sciences such as;  Orgone by Wilhelm Reich, electricity by Nicola Tesla, color by Col. Dinshah, radionics by Peter Kelly, Body Electronics by Dr. Robert Becker, Iridology by Dr. John Ray, water by Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander in Austria, ley lines by Ken Killik and many others.  Steve was fascinated with these sciences and wanted to dedicate more time to study and gain knowledge of their practical uses in everyday living. He then made the decision to resign from his position with Dresser Industries.

Steve's next stop was Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he developed and implemented his years of study working with dairy farmers and turning that knowledge into the wisdom.  In the past 30 plus years Steve has built a reputation as a master teacher, lecturer and developer of products to bring soil, plant, animal (2 & 4 legged) to their highest genetic potential. His ultimate prayer is to share his knowledge and understanding of healthy living and good food, providing the tools needed to help others understand that food must be grown/raised by a husband/wife of the soil.  The ancient ones engineered everything in their lives and practiced good science, which is why they lived for hundreds of years.

Steve now resides in Otsego, Michigan with his wife Mare` and grown children, spouses and grandchildren. Steve has dedicated his life to these sciences and continues to develop and share his knowledge with others. He and is very busy teaching, lecturing, working with people of all walks of life. Steve lectures on many types of sciences and teaches them purely with respect to each “Master” in their particular field. It is in the development and practical implementation that Steve uses the term “the harmonious development of art and sciences” in which he combines his knowledge of all the sciences and intertwines them to create a harmonious environment.


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